300KP Wi-Fi / LAN IP Camera

This IPCAM is your integrated wireless IP camera solution. It combines high quality video network connectivity and a powerful web server that gives you the access you need to view the video from anywhere with internet. With MJPEG hardware compression the high quality video can be watched at 30 frames per second. The only thing more important than your belongings is your family and this can protect both!


Wireless 7" LCD Baby Monitor Set

Keeping an eye on your baby is of the utmost importance. Babies always seem to get into unimaginable trouble. This is a truly great baby monitoring system that doubles as a video interphone. It features awesome night vision good for 5 meters, and can wirelessly transmit the signal 250 meters. It features a ¼ CMOS image sensor to produce clear and colorful video. The motion detection registers all motion within 5 meters, and the internal battery can last as long as 8 hours running time. The 7” digital photo frame style LCD display makes this product standout among the rest.


Anti-Theft Security Alarm

  • Great security product
  • Ultra loud 120dB alarm
  • Comes with remote control keychain for easy controlling
  • 40 seconds alarm time