How to Participate?

  • 1 Purchase any items from DX that will make the total amount of your shopping cart to be exactly $100.00.
  • 2 Every day the campaign starts at different times. You can choose the perfect time to participate.
  • 3 Complete payment of this order during the promotion period.
  • 4 Use the coupon code immediately after order completion to see if you have won 50% OFF.

Campaign Period:
The campaign starts from
00:00 of Dec.25, 2012 to 24:00
of Dec.31, 2012 (UTC)

What are the Rules?

Campaign Rules:

  • 1 The amount of your shopping cart must be exactly $100.00.( Shipping cost excluded)
  • 2 Only the first 200 qualifying orders will win 50% OFF.
  • 3 Each SKU can only be purchased once per order.
  • 4 Each user can use the coupon code only once each round.
  • 5 Each round of the promotion a new 50% off coupon code will be released.

Rules of Coupon Codes:

  • 1 Each coupon code lasts 4 hours only.
  • 2 If you add a new SKU or remove a SKU from your order after using the coupon code, the code becomes invalid.

Order Issues:

  • 1 If discounted orders are cancelled, we will return the money you actually paid -which means the refunds won't be the original price.
  • 2 If an order item is replaced, the replacement item can have a value up to the value of the original item but not more.

The Activation Times of the Daily Coupon Codes

Coupon code Activation Time Status
BIGRUSH25TH 01:00 Dec.25,2012 (UTC) 2012/12/25 5:00:00 in preparation
BIGRUSH26TH 20:00 Dec.26,2012 (UTC) 2012/12/26 23:59:00 in preparation
BIGRUSH27TH 17:00Dec.27,2012 (UTC) 2012/12/26 23:59:00 in preparation
BIGRUSH28TH 10:00 Dec.28,2012 (UTC) 2012/12/28 14:00:00 in preparation
BIGRUSH29TH 23:00 Dec.29,2012 (UTC) 23:00 Dec.29,2012 (UTC) in preparation
BIGRUSH30TH 14:00 Dec.30,2012 (UTC) 2012/12/26 23:59:00 in preparation
BIGRUSH31ST 18:00 Dec.31,2012 (UTC) 2012/12/31 22:00:00 in preparation
2012/12/20 6:36:35 BIGRUSH25TH 2012/12/5 1:00:00 2012/12/25 5:00:00 200

Tips for the Quick Win!

  • Go to
  • Add items to your shopping cart
  • Total amount exactly $100.00
  • Add the daily coupon code
  • Complete your order
  • Check out and win 50% Discount