TrustFire TR-3T6 2500lm 5-Mode Flashlight

TrustFire TR-3T6 2500lm 5-Mode Flashlight GOLD MEDAL WINNER! Congrats!

"Best Flashlight Ever Have. Solid Built. Nice O-ring. Nice Output. Can Take 3 battery. I Use 3500mAH. It can be use when its dark around you to light up everything in front you... Worth the penny. I love this light output. Can Bright up everything nearer with huge spot. Can be use when black out. Every one should get this one. Very Necessary." -- Danshan

"...Very pleased! The head gets fairly warm during use but this is good because this means the heat from the driver and LEDs is being released into the ambient air and not building up in the torch! Well constructed and sturdy. Fairly cheap price too for what you get. Very useful for hunting possums here in New Zealand due to its brightness… If you are looking for an all-round torch, this is for you! Buy it!" -- Askor1

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MK808 Dual Core Android Mini PC

MK808 Dual Core Android Mini PC SILVER MEDAL WINNER!

"It is great device, starts very fast, easy to use for everyone who has some experience with android devices. Plays full HD movies without problem with HW decoding." -- mpekv

"Everything you can use your android-phone to do, you can do with this thing. Except of course calling and multi touch. But you can connect a keyboard and a mouse, so who needs it? I love to play Angry Birds on this, no lag, and nice to be able to play on a big screen. I love it!" -- Evilw0rm

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ONDA Android 4.0.3 Dual Core Tablet PC

ONDA Android 4.0.3 Dual Core Tablet PC BRONZE MEDAL WINNER!

"Pros: Very fast Operating System. You can add all apps that you want from play store from Google. Easy to configure and to use. Has a good processor and enough memory to see videos on youtube, read some news, navigate on the web and listen music. The camera has good quality also the display.

Cons: I think a better display would make it better because sometimes it's not accurate but for 90 dollars you cannot to buy an ipad. On the other hand you only have one camera, on front side. Other: Buy it, you will enjoy it."
-- sebasv2002

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