A Big surprise is coming! DX is proud to launch a monthly newsletter subscription prize drawing ----“Subscribe to Win iPad Mini”. Subscribe, register, then win. Hurry and grab your chance now!


Only DX subscribers who are also DX registered users are eligible to play the monthly newsletter subscription prize draw. Please Note:

a. You will automatically be entered into the drawing when you subscribe and register.

b. Subscribed and registered email address must be the same one.

c. Previous winners are ineligible.

Campaign Period

The activity officially begins on November 25th 2013(GMT+8). Newsletter subscription prize draw will be played monthly.

What Can You Win?

Eight prize winners will be drawn randomly each month.

First Place – one winner
Reward Bag: an iPad Mini (with Retina display).
Second Place – two winners
Reward Bag: $50 Gift Card for any order of $50 or more. Valid for one month.
Third Place – five winners
Reward Bag: $10 Gift Card for any order of $30 or more. Valid for one month.

More Surprises:

Winners share your prize and get extra gifts-- DXman Style Back Case for iPhone 5/5s/5c.

a. Simply share the activity link and your prize on your FB, Twitter, blog or website.

b. Email the shared screenshots or link to

c. We will send the gifts to you.

Warm Prompt: The extra gifts won’t be delivered separately. We will ship them with the winners’ current orders. If there is no current or new order, we will keep it in your DX account for your next order. Please be sure the account is your regular DX shopping account.

Winners of December, 2013

Worldexplorer won an iPad Mini (with Retina display)

Filipefonsecarj won a $50 gift card

Kirtsun won a $50 gift card

Shimanov won a $10 gift card

Lourivalfsf won a $10 gift card

Linkoln05 won a $10 gift card

Thiagoijb won a $10 gift card

Lagunax won a $10 gift card

Winners of , 2014

doctorwax won an iPad Mini (with Retina display)
GrfAnSt won a $50 gift card
CheEvg won a $50 gift card
betospfc won a $10 gift card
1SHARC won a $10 gift card
rumandr won a $10 gift card
DEDEH2 won a $10 gift card
Verdejante won a $10 gift card

bcyin won an iPad Mini (with Retina display)
spaam won a $50 gift card
Leks56 won a $50 gift card
rpolyak won a $10 gift card
aghita won a $10 gift card
ahsim won a $10 gift card
idontknowjordan won a $10 gift card
twoplus2 won a $10 gift card

koolasice won an iPad Mini (with Retina display)
Miggel27 won a $50 gift card
arct9 won a $50 gift card
xKENTx won a $10 gift card
fabiospedrosa won a $10 gift card
x3510 won a $10 gift card
willbuss won a $10 gift card
augustodn won a $10 gift card

Winner Notification:

The winner will be notified by email. Only winners will receive an email.

Subscribed but have no DX account? Register now ▶ reserves the rights to the final explanation of the activity. Any questions regarding the activity please email to